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    Jason H Apr 10 Livescribe Forums / Announcements and Policies

    On Monday night it was announced that there was a security vulnerability referred to as “Heartbleed” in certain versions of the popular open source encryption package OpenSSL.  This package is used to encrypt all different kinds of Internet communication, website traffic in particular. 


    What you need to know:  

    At no time were Credit card numbers at risk because their processing is handled by a third party that was not affected.

    There is no evidence that any vulnerable data was breached, but as a precaution, we are advising that our customers reset their password.

    We have patched the vulnerability and have renewed all of our SSL certificates.


    How to reset your password: 

    To reset your password, please see:


    Brian July 23, 2013 Livescribe Forums / Announcements and Policies

    Brian October 28, 2013 Knowledge Base / FAQs and Troubleshooters

    Issue / Question

    83101 - How do I pair my Livescribe 3 smartpen with a second (or third or fourth) iOS 7 device?

    Solution / Answer

    You can pair up to four devices with the smartpen at a time but can only connect to Livescribe+ on one device at a time.  If you are trying to pair a fifth device, the LED will remain solid green and you will be unable to pair until one of the four currently paired device pairings is removed.  To do this, please see 83104 - LIVESCRIBE+ - Un-pairing Livescribe 3 from a device.


    To pair to a second (or third or fourth) iOS 7 device:


    1. If Livescribe+ is running on any device that has already been paired, shut down the app(s) (83103 - LIVESCRIBE+ - Shutting down the Livescribe+ app).
    2. Turn on the smartpen.
    3. Tap the “Device Pairing” button on the opening page of your Livescribe 3 notebook to put your pen back into pairing mode (blinking green LED).  If you don’t have a notebook with the “Device Pairing” button but do have access to a color LaserJet printer, please see 60017 - Printing Livescribe 3 Control Sheet with “Device Pairing” button.
    4. If you can’t get the LED to change to blinking green after several taps then please see 26023 - LIVESCRIBE 3 - Testing the smartpen optics / force sensing relay (FSR).
    5. Run Livescribe+ on the second device. 
    6. Tap “Pair” when prompted.


    If you cannot get the second device to pair, make sure the second iOS 7 device is compatible - 83002 - LIVESCRIBE+ - System requirements of Livescribe 3 smartpen and Livescribe+.


    Also make sure Bluetooth has been enabled on your second iOS 7 device by accessing 20210 - LIVESCRIBE 3 - How to turn on Bluetooth for your iOS 7 device.


    If the iOS 7 device is compatible but you cannot get the prompt to Pair, try un-pairing any other non-Livescribe devices that are using Bluetooth on that iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch and restart the iOS 7 device.  


    After running Livescribe+ again, if you still cannot get the Pair option to appear while the smartpen LED is blinking green:


    1. Shut down Livescribe+ on the second iOS 7 device.
    2. Start Livescribe+ on the device you originally paired it with.
    3. Once the smartpen LED turns blue, tap the pen icon in the upper right to access the Settings options.
    4. Tap “Forget this Device” option at the top of the window and the smartpen LED will change from solid blue to solid green.
    5. Shut down Livescribe+ on the original iOS 7 device.
    6. Tap the “Device Pairing” button on the inside cover of the Livescribe 3 Starter Notebook.  The LED will start blinking green.
    7. Start Livescribe+ on the second iOS 7 compatible device.
    8. Tap “Pair” when prompted.


    If you still cannot get the smartpen to pair, please let us know.



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