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Computer is unable to detect my echo pen

posted this on September 27, 2012 05:54

My computer is unable to detect my pen, I have already updated the software and restarted the computer. This is light bolt showing on my pen but the computer is just not making the connection. 

Yesterday, the computer still shows usb not recognize, but today it's not showing anything.  



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Hi Jing,

If your smartpen is being recognized by Windows Livescribe Desktop but your data is not transferring, please see 85300 - Smartpen not transferring all of notes and/audio or Livescribe Desktop is not synching notes with audio.
If your smartpen is not being recognized by Windows Livescribe Desktop, when you connect your smartpen make sure the charging cable is plugged into a USB port directly on your computer, not a USB hub, docking station, keyboard, or monitor port.

The following are possible reasons your smartpen is not being recognized:


Problem with smartpen USB connection
When the smartpen is connected to the USB charging cable a lightning bolt symbol will be displayed on the OLED. If there is not a lightning bolt please see 26018 - Smartpen connected but no lightning bolt on OLED.

Windows Taskbar error “USB Device not Recognized” or “Device driver software not recognized”
If you are getting one of the errors above please see 85111 - Verifying Windows smartpen device driver installed.

PenComm Service is not running
To verify that PenComm is running:
1.       Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc on your keyboard to start Task Manager.
2.       Click the “Services” tab.
3.       Click on the column heading “Name” to sort the services.
4.       Scroll down to the P’s. You should see “PenCommService”. If you do not then please access 85910 - Turning on Windows PenComm Service manually.



Firmware update needed
Make sure you have the latest version of the smartpen firmware installed by referencing 28004 - Getting the smartpen firmware version.


Smartpen hard reset is needed
This will not affect the data on your smartpen. 
1.       Press and hold the power button for 10+ seconds. Your smartpen will restart in a recording session and will turn off again. 
2.       Press the power button. Your smartpen will restart with the message “livescribe… Starting…” (Echo) / “livescribe… Starting…Checking filesystem” (Pulse).

ClickFreeBackup is interfering with the USB port
If you have a Clickfree™ hard drive backup device, the ClickFreeBackup software could be interfering with the USB port your smartpen is using if the backup drive was not plugged into a USB port when a manual or scheduled backup started. If the Clickfree BackupLink application cannot find the backup drive, it will display a message “Clickfree is unavailable…” and will keep searching for the drive on each of the computer’s USB ports. This prevents our smartpen from using any of the available ports until the drive is found. To resolve this, plug in your Clickfree backup drive to allow the backup to start. Then undock and re-dock your smartpen and Livescribe Desktop will detect the smartpen and start transferring your data.
If you did not see the “Clickfree is unavailable…” message, the process may still be running even though you weren’t notified of a problem. To temporarily disable this process:
1.       Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc on your keyboard.
2.       Click the “Processes” tab.
3.       Click on the column heading “Image Name” to sort the processes.
4.       Scroll down to “sacreminder.exe” and click on it to select it.
5.       Click the “End Process” button.
6.       At the Task Manager Warning click “Yes”.
NOTE: The next time you run a backup the process will start again. In the future please be sure to have your Clickfree drive plugged in before starting the backup. 
CA Internet Security Suite Plus is blocking access to Livescribe Desktop
If CA’s “Internet Security Suite Plus” is running on your machine, a change to the network settings should resolve your issue. To do this:
1.       Double-click the “CA Security Center” icon in the Task Bar.
2.       Click on “MY INTERNET”.
3.       Under “Did You Know?” on the right click on “View Settings”.
4.       Under “What type of network are you currently connected to?” if “No Assigned Network” is selected then click the radio button next to “Home Network” and click “Apply” (this screen may not appear if you already have Home Network as the default).
If the steps above do not resolve your issue please let us know.


Thank you,
September 27, 2012 17:59
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Guy Bloom

Livescribe knows my pen is there, but not connecting.

Pencom on

Lightening bolt on

Is there anyway to get live support?

September 29, 2012 15:41
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Hi Guy,

I see that you have created a support ticket.  If you're still looking for live support, you can start a live chat session with one of our support agents by going to the link below:



October 01, 2012 13:52
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In my case, the livescribe don't know my pen is there, light bolt is on but no detection from the computer. 

October 02, 2012 08:51
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Farshad Moradi

Same case here. I tried all the things you mentioned, but it is still not working....

February 22, 2013 02:52
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I have purchase 2 different pens, spent over 3 hours and read every tech note there was on trying to get this pen installed on my Win7 x64 system. I have been in touch with tech support and been told to follow the same troubleshooting steps that I found on their web site again and again. They are like robots offering NO real thinking as to why I keep getting an error that the device driver software was not successfully installed.

Their installation process has no log files, at least any that I can find, to record what might be happening. In addition to that, I have asked to simply be able to download a driver for my system. The respond has been that the driver is in the package when you buy. How asinine. They offer no real solutions as to why the product will not install.

So for all this aggravation, I am making the time to let others know to STAY away from this product. It is poorly made and more poorly supports. Don't waste your valuable time on a product that just pain is a crap shoot to get to work.


April 30, 2013 19:17
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Zack Schieberl

So the exact same thing is happening to me, and it all started while I had to do forcee quit, I have a mac so could I get some expertise in that area? I acually really needed my notes and then the pen wouldn't connect, so I'm upset that it bugged out when I really needed it, so how do I fix it and how do I stop it from doing this again?

March 11, 2014 21:40