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Dot Paper Lines: Can we make them darker?

Amanda Makson
posted this on December 17, 2011 08:55

I am a grad student, who is visually impaired and have found the LiveScribe pen to be a great tool; especially with MyScript!  

I was wondering if the company can make the lines on the dot paper notebooks darker/bolder, or if when we print our own paper, is there a way to darken the notebook lines so it is easier for me to see?  (I don't think I am the only one who has trouble seeing the lines sometimes...)

Is there anything we can do, or an email I can send to make suggestions?

Thanks so much!



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I will pass your suggestion of darker notebook lines to the product development team.

Adjustments to "PYON" cannot be made, but there are other PYON options that other customers have created.  You may want to try one of these options.  Here is the link to what you may need:

The link will take you to our old forum.  If you have any questions about these paper options you will want to post it in this forum.

Thank you,


December 19, 2011 07:56