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Where are the templates???

Dave Erickson
posted this on December 05, 2011 09:20

I just got an 8 GB Echo and cannot believe that the only things to print from Livescribe Desktop are 4 plain notebooks. I can't even print in duplex mode...

There should be many templates to choose from. And with the closing of the Developers program you are cutting off anyone else from creating templates to fill your gaps.

Wake up!



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Happy Camper

The templates are over here, but not made by Livescribe

( I have not tested them myself. Yet. )

December 06, 2011 13:27
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Dave Erickson

Thanks Happy Camper. I had actually found Rohan before posting here. I also posted to the getsatisfaction entry to bring back the Developers Program before posting here. I was just very irritated at the lack of out of the box templates and after seeing the useful stuff Rohan is doing I was irate that he has been cut off. It is one thing for a company to obsolete 3rd party tools, it is another entirely to cut off 3rd party tools without having something equal or better to offer.


To be clear, I love my Echo and have been raving about it since I got it. The lack of out of the box templates is a shame, and snuffing out devs like Rohan is absurd. I am hoping to make enough noise to get the higher ups at Livescribe to pay attention.

December 06, 2011 19:45
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doug hoskins

Just got my echo and figuring it out.. but I expect that the reason they don't have more flexibility in printing your own paper is the "razor blade" model -- continuing revenue stream if we keep buying the notebooks/journals/etc. 

December 06, 2011 21:30
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Dario Armellin

I i can't print my own stuff my own format i will just sell the pen and move to a pad....

December 07, 2011 02:57
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Rob McLean

I also love the pen, but am extremely disappointed with this short-sightedness. I bought my Echo about a year ago, and bought another for my employer a few months later. I've enjoyed it immensely, but I would like to make more custom notebooks for myself. I can appreciate an economic model that sells us printed material forever (as well as pen refills), however when it gets in the way of choice, it also gets in the way of the long-term success of this product. I have bought packs of full-sized notebooks, the A-5 notebooks, the hardcover journals, and recently a set of sticky notes. They are great, but I can see myself retiring my pen before these are filled, and moving to an iPad for this functionality -- all mainly because I don't have the format flexibility I would like. It's probably too late for the company to correct its course on this one, as the window of opportunity which would have helped this product take off and get entrenched in offices and homes has now probably passed.

January 29, 2012 12:53
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I do agree there needs to be more flexibility with the papers and templates but in the mean time I print my planner pages out on the paper and use them this way.  It is a stopgap until things change.  Since I use the same pages day in day out I know what sections are what but you can always write over the section headings and dates which is what I do a lot of the time and it transfers to your desktop program. I love being able to search my planner pages when I need to remember when I did something or need to access notes or phone #'s after the date has passed since I transfer my daily pages to a larger notebook. I use the A-5 notebook to print the pages on and keep them in my bag with me all the time. You could draw one out as well but I am too lazy to do that. :)

May 13, 2012 19:38
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Nikole Earnhart

I agree with Rob. I love my pen but the lack of templates is disappointing and it could be that Livescribe missed the boat.

We can draw our own calendars or planners (or whatever),  but it kinda seems like we shouldn't *have* to.

July 18, 2012 19:14
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Hank Dunlap

I could not agree more.  LiveScribe's customer service has been amazing. LiveScribe's product (Echo 8GB for me) is very useful.  However, the lack of templates, paper options, etc. is making it hard to stay with this pen.  If things don't change soon, I will likely move to an iPad.

July 26, 2012 06:13