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20250 - ECHO/PULSE - Removing a registered smartpen from the Livescribe database (selling or gifting an Echo/Pulse smartpen)

posted this on August 13, 2011 00:30

Issue / Question

80301 - How do I remove a registered Echo or Pulse smartpen from the Livescribe database so someone else can register it (the smartpen was given or sold to someone else)? 

Solution / Answer

NOTE: If you have a WIFI smartpen please reference 82151 - WIFI - Removing a registered wifi smartpen from the Livescribe database.


In order to remove your registered Echo or Pulse smartpen from the Livescribe database please send an email to using the email address you registered the smartpen with. 


In the email include the smartpen serial number (28005 - Getting the smartpen Serial Number).


Within 24 business hours we will have the smartpen removed from the registration database, but the smartpen must be completely erased before it can be registered to a new email address. 


To completely erase the notes and audio sessions from the smartpen along with the registration certificate please reference:


29001 - ECHO and PULSE - Windows Master Reset and firmware update utility




29101 - ECHO and PULSE - Mac Master Reset and firmware update utility

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